Sunday, 23 June 2013


Just thought I would put it out there that the 'Discover' function on the latest edition of Spotify is fantastic.

It allows you to see whom the people you are following are listening to and it also sugests, you might like this because you listened to that type of thing.

I read an article in one of the financial papers a week or so again talking about the issues of data collection. I am sure you have noticed that sidebar ads are now much more tailored to your needs! The article described the way that the logic the programs are using are starting to be able to make very educated guesses as to what we will or will not like. This is a good or a bad thing depending on what you think about the various costs and benefits of the way it works.

It is quite funny when you listen to a playlist for a party, and spotify then says, 'you listened to Will Smith, you might also like Colour me Badd' . . . err no, actually, I wouldn't like that at all. But hey, thanks for asking.

A Sunday of discovering new music awaits me . . . how cool is that

Just for a laugh