Monday, 26 May 2014


Currently in the uk the following ad is being aired on cable TV.

Now usually I am not really a fan of people appropriating great music in order to sell the latest what-ever-it-may-be.

But, this is The Pixies. Formally the most under-rated band ever. Formally? well yes because in the 90s they were very under appreciated and seemed to be destined to be a band that people often referred to , but they never really made it big. Then they reformed for a few gigs and every Pixies fan came out of the woodwork and told everyone how cool they were and they became huge.

So much so that they have recently put out a new album. Indy Cindy. it is good and well worth a listen.

It is perhaps not as good as this

You don't think the Pixies were important?

Watch this

I can't put it any better than that, so I will not try and subsequently ruin it.