Sunday, 26 April 2015

Furry greatness

Do you know what is a great song? Love my Way by the Psychedelic Furs.

In a new Romantic melodic way of course. I haven't heard for ages and it came on a playlist after I had been listening to Pretty in Pink, and in the great tradition of getting old, I had forgotten how cool it is.

The aforementioned Pretty in Pink  has been a favourite of mine for many many years. It is also a great song.

Apart from that , there isn't a lot of their material that I really warm to. Heaven is alright, is a bit repetitive. I know I have written a bit about this before but, there does appear to be some artists/bands who have a couple of great songs and that's it. Frankly I would of course be very happy to have a couple of pieces out there as good as the two above.

It must however be difficult, as you continue to try to find that formula or muse or what ever it was that enabled you to write those couple of high points and struggling. Or at least struggling to get other people to see why they are as good as what you have done previously. Then touring and people only asking to hear those great moments.

Anyway, that's it, a short post.