Saturday, 11 May 2019

Random thoughts

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Some more things I think I think

1. Although there can not be a greatest band ever, in my mind any discussion around that topic has to include Tool.They may not be everyone's thing, but if you do not know them it is worth giving them a listen. I have now been a huge fan of them for 28 years. In that time they have released only 5 albums. That is criminal that there is not more music for me to devour of theirs.
They are releasing a new album. I dont know how I feel about this. I really dont. I want to love it, I want to go on a music journey with my son who is now old enough to comprehend them. I mostly just want it to not suck. Because that would break my heart,

2. Why don't 'supergoups' ever work? I can not think of a supergroup that is better than the sum of it's parts, or more importantly , than the original bands the people were in.

3. I was lucky enough to come across a radio show that started in San Franscisco in the early 80s, Hearts of Space. I have been listening to it a lot recently. If you like ambient music then it is well worth the effort, indeed it is where you should start.

4. Why do people still listen to U2? I dont get that at all

5. It turns out that the lyricists from Grunge, really meant what they were saying. I am very sad about Chris Cornell. But also for all the rest of the fallen who had such a large impression on my life at what with hindsight was a large turning point for me.

I also wish I devoted more time to this blog. Although I have run out of things to say, when it comes to some of the music, I feel I should be saying more about what it means in a completely different age or music streaming services.

I want music suggestions . . please