Sunday, 22 March 2020

Thoughts on the world today

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So, things are a little messed up aren't they.

I am writing on the 22nd of March 2020, Covid-19 is decimating the world. Sort of, most of the world is isolating from each other. (an introverts wet dream) and very sadly the death toll continues to rise.

I don't know anyone who has died yet as a direct result of the virus. I hope it is the same for you and yours.

So now seems as good a time as any to start writing this little thing again. I started it in 2012 it seems, and whilst it went great guns for a while it ran out of steam. It was going to be my path into wealth and fame and greatness. Not sure how that was going to work (spoiler: it didn't) But I do enjoy bringing some music to people every now and again.

I have never been quite sure of how to bring music through the page, that is sort of the problem with it. I tried a video message and you tube blocked it because I embedded songs into it. Tips to get around that are most welcome.

Here is a song

This song re-entered the charts briefly last week. Which is cool as its a good song. REM occupy a strange place as far as I can see. They are too alternative for mainstream radio to play their songs as classic rock and not alternative enough to be on alternative stations as classic rock. If you are looking for a great album, Automatic for the People was their global breakthrough (the above song isn't on that)

It isn't the end of the world, I don't think that. It is a change in the world where we are given the opportunity to take a breath and work out what we are going to do. The amount of innovation that will come from these couple of weeks will be simply mind blowing. It will be brilliant.

I think we can one of two ways in this time. We can be dark, or we can be light. I choose light, not because it is flattering to my middle aged features I hasten to add. However, even though I choose to be positive and see the opportunities we now have in front of us, I choose dark music, because dark music is the best.

I put together this playlist, it is collaborative if you want to add to it.

As I said, I don't know which way is the best to get you some music. So here is a song taken from the playlist

To all those hoarders, just like to say a little fuck you. We have enough food. There is no reason to act the way you are acting. Stop it, you are adding to the problem by prioritising yourself over everyone else.

Despite the fact I am two songs and a number of random thoughts in, what I actually wanted to talk about was escapism. We are confined to our houses for the most part. Its cool for me as I like my place and I can sit at this desk and listen to music.

Books are better at escapism than music is. But music is second best and there are many great days lying on a couch, with a great album or collection of songs playing. This song has been played to death (sorry) at the moment

Apart from the joke which is valid in self isolating times. Actually the song depicts a little story, with a cool beat. (I use the original version rather than the newer one - I have always liked it more) A little story in 4 minutes. No beginning, no end, we just get a brief window into a real or imagined life and then move on. In much the same way as a decent book, we are able to put our own experience and imagery on to it and hence make it our own. It now belongs to us as we have a unique idea of the song that speaks, or doesn't, to us.

This is proper escapism.

So that is my point. There are better and worse songs than this. But I don't feel like belabouring a point to you. You don't need more being told what to do.

No time for something a bit darker as that is all a little pleasant isnt it

Rather than play the video, which is cool but has the swearing taken out of it, I thought I would play the proper, uncensored version. After all, now is hardly the time for us to be told what we should or shouldn't listen to is it. 

So, just a bit of a diversion for you. Stay positive, stay strong and remember that , more than ever, we all need your brilliance now. Think. Come up with something great for all of us and let's take it from there. Ideas in the comments. 

If you are feeling it and being overwhelmed by the state of affairs, then thinking positive will not cut it. Call someone, Call me, I am happy to have a chat (I live in London so remember that please) Reach out and remember that now more than ever, we are all in this together and it is important we re-establish our community.