Sunday, 24 April 2016


So 2016 has been pretty poor for us music fans hasn't it. Bowie Glen Frey, Prince. All gone.

I do not know about you, quite obviously, but to me it has left a strange feeling if i am honest. I am sad. There is no doubt about that. I am sad because three people who have made my life better by creating some brilliant music are no longer walking the same planet as me.

Some music

The sad reality , for me at least, is that in all cases their best music was behind them. This is harsh and is not in any way meant to deride or denigrate their respective portfolios. Because, well fuck, what amazing portfolios of music, and indeed emotion they gave us. Just, I don't know, wow. I would give up a lot to be half as talented as they were. I guess people like Beiber have given up even more to be 1 twentieth as talented . . .

So, we are left behind with what they wanted us to have.

I think the other slightly unusual part of the way I feel about personally, as a person, is that there isn't the sense of what could have been with the musicians that died at a much earlier age. This is far from being a ground breaking statement isn't it. What I mean is that in all three cases it is reasonable clear , that whatever would have been done subsequently would have, in all likelihood not supplanted my favorite songs by them in any case. So I should be thankful, happy, with what I have, something like that.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us with some great music and a reason for me to start writing again.

So, lets have some fun and come up with some lists. Because that is what music people like to do isn't it, make lists and categorize things. So lets start with ordering the three of them. OK lets not. Although we can rightly say that there is a cross over in time between the three of them, I am not sure you could come up with three more different styles of great music. Bowie, The Eagles and Prince don't belong in a competition together because they are not playing the same game. it would be like trying to compare football, NFL and rugby.

So, lets compare them to themselves and try to come up with a top five for each of them .

here is my Bowie top five

Ashes to Ashes
Life on Mars
Lets Dance

What do you think?

Glenn Frey (Eagles top 5 cause I never got into his solo stuff)

Take it easy
Peaceful Easy feeling
Lying eyes
Hotel California

Prince Top 5

When Doves cry
Purple rain
When you were mine
Raspberry beret
Little red Corvette

But, and it is a big but.(cause I like big butts and I will not lie, you other brothers cant deny - sorry got carried away) you have to give Prince a special mention for
Nothing compares to you, Manic Monday, Kiss and all of the other songs that he wrote but didn't out out

I would love to get your lists. Please either comment here or on Facebook, twitter and lets see if I get enough to put together a top 5 of everything.
So, 2016, not a great year so far. lets be honest. But it does give us a chance to reflect and to listen to some great music and appreciate how fantastic some people's creative vision really is

Thanks guys. It has been really great.